Saturday, June 14, 2008

A week away

Payton at home

It's been a crazy week since we first got to Cortez.
Ben came with the truck loaded and no place to stay. We found a hotel and called every apartment and house available for rent. Before Kaylee arrived with the kids and her parents, Ben checked out every place he could find. Nothing looked great but one house had some promise, compared to the rest.
We went and saw it Saturday morning and luckily moved in Saturday night and Sunday. We got over that hurdle but are still unpacking and getting used to our new home and town.
Our house is old but spacious (enough for all Kaylee's stuff if you can believe it). We have three bedrooms, one we turned into a toy/play room for the kids and Payton and Alliya are sharing a room. We have two bathrooms and more importantly a nice sized room for Kaylee to put her work stuff, which can also be used as an extra bedroom for anyone who wants to come visit. It's an old house but it will work just fine for us the year or so we are here.
The week we've been here has gone by fast and we'll be counting weeks now instead of days that we've been here.

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